A Guide to Fishing Gear In 2020

Even the most experienced fishermen out there will tell you that no matter how much ability that you have, you won’t catch a single thing unless you have the right gear. 

There’s several different components to solid fishing gear, but the two most important things to think about are the rod itself, and the reel.

A Guide to Fishing Rods

Most of the fishing rods you can get are either going to be made from fiberglass or graphite. Different rods suit different kinds of fish and which type you need will depend on whether you’re hunting for bass, catfish, muskie or whatever you’re preferred catch is.

A Guide to Fishing Reels

The reel is the device that is attached to the rod and is used for the winding and stowing of the line. The most common types are spinning reels and baitcasting reels and once again, the best type for you depends on the fish that you’re after.

In Closing…

There’s other aspects of course. Things like the type of line to use, baits, hooks and specific rods for surf fishing or fly fishing.

But if you pay close attention to the rod and reel in particular, you’ll be in good shape with your fishing gear.